At Eva's Law, we focus on foreign direct investment and dispute resolution for companies seeking legal and business management consultancy in the China market.

Case Studies

Finnish-Invested Dairy Factory Joint Venture

Client Nationality: Finnish
Location: Fushun City, Shenyang Province
Turnaround: 4 months

Dutch-Invested Machinery Factory Joint Venture

Client Nationality: Dutch
Location: Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Turnaround: 2 months

Trademark Dispute Resolution for American-Invested Joint Venture

Client Nationality: American
Locations: Suzhou and Beijing
Turnaround: 2 months

HK Trading Company-Invested Joint Venture

Client Nationality: Russian, Indian
Location: Jiangshan City, Zhejiang

International Acquisition of Chinese Domestic Business

Client Nationality: Chinese
Location: Jing’an District in Shanghai
Turnaround: 9 months

American-Owned Restaurant WFOE

Client Nationality: American
Location: Former French Concession in Shanghai
Turnaround: 2.5 months

French-Owned Trading WFOE

Client Nationality: French
Location: Nanhui District in Shanghai
Turnaround: 3 months

Singaporean-Owned Consulting WFOE

Client Nationality: Singaporean
Location: West Nanjing Road in Shanghai
Turnaround: 2 months


About Eva's Law

Foreign-invested company setup in China (e.g., WFOEs, Joint Ventures) is not as simple or efficient as in many other jurisdictions. We work closely with real entrepreneurs and international business owners to provide responsive and cost-effective outside legal services and management consultancy. We help navigate the constantly changing local policies and develop a personal, strategic plan for your business.

Eva’s Law was founded by Eva Gao and operates under Shendu Law Firm in Shanghai. Eva brings with her not only experience, but also invaluable business connections and deep insight to each case.

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