January 7, 2012

Statement and Evidence Submission to Shanghai Police

Dear victims of the alleged housing scam by Ryan Fedoruk,

This is lawyer Eva Gao. Please copy the form below and send it filled out to Please also attach to the email any material that may be treated as preliminary evidence to support your claim. If you have no material to attach at this time, please fill out the form anyway and send the material when you can. If you have sent us evidence in the past, please attach to the email again. Please scroll down for further explanation.

To Shanghai Police:My name is ____________________,
Nationality: __________, Passport/ID No.: __________.

My phone number is ____________________.

I rent/rented an apartment arranged by Ryan Jason John Fedoruk
(Canadian Passport: BA525127, BA545292, BA669855).

My rental contract with Ryan Fedoruk is
from _____(day) of _____(month), _____(year),
until _____(day) of _____(month), _____(year).

The apartment is located at ______________________________(address).
(example: Pudong District, Changyi Lu 55 Hao, Building 19, Unit 402)

I moved into the apartment on
_____(day) of _____(month), _____(year)
and left on
_____(day) of _____(month), _____(year)

I left for the following reasons:

Ryan Fedoruk owes me __________ RMB for the following reasons:

I would also like to report the following:
(any significant matter not mentioned above)

List of attached files and what they are:

The statement is for registering a case with the Shanghai Police only and your personal information will not be made public. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me ( Thank you for your cooperation!

Note: Filling out this form and submitting evidence does not affect your right to a civil lawsuit in the future.

Why are we proceeding this way?

After reviewing the statements and evidence provided daily by victims, I believe that our case may be classified as criminal rather than civil. I am now trying to hand the case over to Shanghai Police.

As those of you who have tried in the past to report the matter to the police may have seen, getting this type of case registered is not that simple. Daniel and I are collecting as many relevant documents as possible for the police to review. We want the case to be officially investigated by authorities before making the next move.

Honestly speaking, when I became involved in this case, neither Daniel nor myself anticipated the sheer amount of information that would come in daily. Although we have in the past asked you to send in materials that may be used as evidence, our strategy and focus was on getting the public’s attention first.

As we appear to be succeeding on that front, we would now like to formally ask you to send in anything that may be used as evidence. Along with sending in evidence, I ask that you fill out the above form to formally make a report to the police along with other victims. If the content of the form does not match your situation, feel free to make any necessary changes.

What may be used as evidence?

Copies of your contracts with Ryan (handwritten or typed), receipts, his passport page, emails and text messages that discuss rent or apartment maintenance, etc.

January 7, 2012