WFOE Requirements on Restaurants

We are currently handling the formations of two restaurant businesses in Shanghai. This article sums up my experience in these tasks and hopefully provide a useful overview for anyone interested in starting a restaurant here. Registered Capital Setting up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) restaurant requires 500,000 RMB as registered capital. Chinese laws on business […]

The Runaway Landlord, Part 2

Right before this year’s Chinese Spring Festival, five out of more than 60 victims of the housing scam went to the police station together and officially filed their complaint against the alleged swindler Ryan Fedoruk. The preliminary investigation conducted by the police lasted for a month and the result was released on 15th Feb, 2012. The […]

Tax Concessions on WFOEs, Joint Ventures in Shanghai

The tax concessions that WFOEs, Joint Ventures could enjoy are reflected now mainly in tax refunds. Since the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China came into effective on January 1, 2008, all foreign invested enterprises are subject to the same tax rate to Chinese domestic companies, with exception of manufacturing companies […]

Police begin probe of ‘fake landlord’ who disappeared

By Xu Chi for Shanghai Daily SHANGHAI police are now probing the case of Ryan Fedoruk, the “disappeared” Canadian fake landlord, who is alleged to have cheated 60-plus expat tenants and apartment owners of more than 340,000 yuan in a subleasing scandal. The police took the case yesterday after five victims and their lawyer handed them […]

Readers expose trail of scams by fake Canadian landlord

By Xu Chi for Shanghai Daily RYAN Fedoruk, the Canadian fake landlord at the center of the latest apartment subleasing scam in Shanghai, has allegedly been cheating expats in other Chinese cities since 2003, victims said. Fedoruk has made news after 60-plus expat tenants vowed to take legal action against him recently after he disappeared […]

More victims show up in apartment subleasing scandal

By Xu Chi for Shanghai Daily MORE expat victims, who used to keep silent in the latest apartment renting scam in Shanghai, have come forward to Shanghai Daily with their experience of being cheated by a runaway Canadian landlord and then evicted by apartment owners. Seven new victims contacted Shanghai Daily today, increasing the total number […]

Statement and Evidence Submission to Shanghai Police

Dear victims of the alleged housing scam by Ryan Fedoruk, This is lawyer Eva Gao. Please copy the form below and send it filled out to Please also attach to the email any material that may be treated as preliminary evidence to support your claim. If you have no material to attach at this time, please […]

More tenants claim Canadian scammed them

By Xu Chi for Shanghai Daily MORE expats have come forward to say they were left homeless by a Canadian landlord who has gone missing, and urged police to find him. Since Shanghai Daily reported the case yesterday, another seven tenants have said they were duped by Ryan Fedoruk – making a total of 60, […]

Shanghai Daily Following Housing Scam

Canadian sublet rooms, fled with at least 300,000 yuan, victims say By Xu Chi for Shanghai Daily A batch of expat tenants in Shanghai are calling on more victims to come forward and file a group lawsuit against a Canadian landlord who ran away after allegedly cheating more than 50 foreigners and some apartment owners […]

The Runaway Landlord, Part 1

Ryan Fedoruk, a 40-year-old former part-time English teacher, may have found his true calling in Shanghai. From the beginning of 2011 until the end, he rented close to 30 apartments, most of them concurrently, and sublet them to more than 100 fellow foreigners. On Christmas Eve, he packed his things and disappeared, allegedly owing approximately […]

Publishing a Book in China

This article is written to help writers realize and protect their rights to their books being published in China, pursuant to Chinese copyright laws. Q: How do I have my book(s) published in China? The first step is to select and contact a legally established publisher in China. Under Chinese law, the right to press […]

Debt Collection

It is reported that the average life expectancy of small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises is 2.9 years; the average life expectancy of Chinese conglomerates is 7 to 8 years. In consideration of 90 percentage of  Chinese enterprises fall into the first category, the average life expectancy of Chinese enterprises is around 3.5 years only. The severe competition contributed the status quo,…