Commercial Prepaid Cards Compliance

Earlier this year, an old client called me up and asked if I could give some opinions regarding a certain type of prepaid cards his company was going to issue. I just recently passed the same idea to one of my girl friends. People can be creative in their businesses within the boundary of the law, is the fundamental principle of a healthy market-oriented economy. Prepaid Cards [&hellip…

Privacy Protection Laws

CHINESE LAW does not expressly address what is privacy. The generally understanding is that “privacy” refers to the individual private matters that are unrelated to the social and public life and are not intended to be made known or interfered. However, there were provisions in various laws and regulations that constitute the legal basis of privacy protection. Those provisions […]

Interpretation (III) of the Chinese Marriage Law

IN A NARROW SENSE, the Interpretation (III) of the Chinese Marriage Law is a judicial interpretation issued by the Supreme People’s Court. It was a misunderstanding of epic proportions to call it as the new Chinese Marriage Law. The Interpretation (III) addressed the most controversial issue of property ownership during marriage disputes. It also stipulated the […]

Secure Compensation Before Bringing Up A Lawsuit

NOTHING could have me more mortified than winning a case for a client but then could not have the client compensated in full, e.g. the opposing party sold off or transferred assets and closed up business before an enforceable court ordered settlement transpired. Fortunately, there is an action the client could take before filing a […]

Complexity of Employment Disputes

KNOWING CHINESE LABOR LAWS is a basic requirement for Chinese lawyers providing legal services to both foreign and domestic companies. We try many labor dispute cases – especially for clients with whom we have established a long-tern relationship. Consequently, most of us would refer ourselves as Labor Laws specialists. Most of the time we are right. […]

Going Your Own Way

I BUMPED INTO Hao Yi-wen, an energetic young Chinese lawyer at a bar in Taikang Lu last night. It was rare for me seeing another Chinese lawyer in a bar, although I am a bar goer myself. Chinese lawyers usually fall into two categories: one that works his or her ass off for Partners (shou-xin-lv-shi), or […]

Avoiding and Preparing for Legal Action in China

Lawsuits and arbitrations in China are just as costly and time-consuming as in most countries. Before you can begin making a decision on how to settle disputes with opposing parties, you ought to have a clear picture of possible alternatives. Economically speaking, there are other effective ways to settle the dispute rather than taking the […]

Free Legal Aid – June 14, 2011

This is a government sponsor event for everybody that have legal questions, require legal aid, or simply interested in knowing more about China’s law. I’ll be there to assist and answer any questions that you might have. All are welcome! WHEN June 14 (Tuesday), 2011 9:00 am – 5:00 pm WHERE Legal Aid Center No. […]

Understand How the Law Could Affect Your Business Decisions

Excerpt from A Conservative Lawyer Opinions on an Intellectual Property Subject Matter XYZ Pde Ltd (“the Company”, “the Client”), a trading company registered in Singapore, had been selling its products to both local and overseas customers via its website. One popular product was a fashionable watch (“the Product”) produced in Denmark. Management of the company was […]

Client-Attorney Information Asymmetries

Client was a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (“WFOE”) registered in China, with most of its shareholders residing in Australia. The WFOE signed a lease with a local property management company for operating it’s brand shop. The property management company (“the Plaintiff”) filed a case in the People’s Court against my client (“the Defendant”) claiming they had […]