We help navigate the constantly changing local policies and develop a personal, strategic plan for each project.  

Our firm has grown fast from achieving clients’ specifically-instructed goals as priority and delivering unexpected value-added services the same time.

In litigations, we win cases and make sure clients would get compensated from its losses or at least gain some advantage over the situation a client faced; in business transactions, we find trustworthy Chinese parties for clients to partner with or secured investments of millions from clients potential Chinese partners whom of honest and trustworthy.

The methods we used is culturally neutral. We strive to better clients’ position by communicating directly the real issue in plain English. Besides comply with professional conduct and ethics rules of the local bar associations and justice department, we have formed our own professional norm and new standards.

We have been consulting with high-ranking government officials and scholars since the very beginning of its operation. Nevertheless, we always kept clients fully informed of the China reality and sought pragmatic way to better clients’ position without breaking the local laws and regulations.