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Client Nationality: Finnish
Location: Fushun City, Shenyang Province
Turnaround: 4 months

  • Consulted client on joint venture governance in China.
  • Attended joint venture shareholder meetings and drafted memos to be signed by both parties to protect client’s interests.
  • Provided interpretation on China joint venture related laws and regulations.
  • Identified the legal consequences of moves taken by the joint venture’s shareholders and/or its board.
  • Issued independent opinions in attorney reports over complex legal matters and answered relevant inquires via e-mail.
  • Offered actionable opinions based on experience in solving possible conflicts and/or disputes between shareholders, board of directors.
  • Drafted relevant documentation and followed up the registration process to assist client’s in gaining more control of its invested business in China.




Client Nationality: Dutch
Location: Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Turnaround: 2 months

  • Secured trustworthy Chinese partner
  • Negotiated investment (US$1,300,000).
  • Negotiated favorable equity for client.
  • Drafted Articles of Associates (i.e., bylaws, in accordance with Chinese Corporate Law).
  • Got Certificate of Approval to set up joint venture by local governing authority.
  • Registered joint venture with Administration of Industry and Commerce.
  • Got certificate from various governing bureaus that a manufacturing joint venture requires including but not limited to Environmental Impact Report, Tax Registration Certificate, Organizational Code Certificate, Foreign Currency Registration Certificate, and so on.
  • Signed attorney as registered Supervisor (in sense of PRC corporate law) to continue protecting client’s interests in joint venture.

Client Nationality: American
Locations: Suzhou and Beijing
Turnaround: 2 months

  • Represented American client in trademark dispute.
  • Contacted client’s Chinese partner and identified cause of dispute.
  • Facilitated improved communication, avoided potential IP infringement.
  • Registered trademark and copyright for client’s brand in China and franchised those rights to joint venture and affiliated entities.
  • Became ongoing liaison between shareholders of joint venture.